B2B Platform Examples: Choosing the Best One

B2B Platform

If you know your industry, your business needs, and requirements, then it’s much easier to select a good B2B platform. However, even if you know these things, you will still have to do some research because not every platform comes with the same set of features and options. In order to make things easier for our readers, we have decided to highlight a few B2B platform examples. These platforms have thousands of users and it’s very likely that you will find at least one of them useful for your business.

Shopify/Shopify Plus

Shopify and their enterprise-level product Shopify Plus are an ideal solution for businesses that want a simple, yet efficient online store. One of the things that make Shopify a great option is the fact that it’s easy to use. In addition, many users like this platform because it provides attractive store designs. There are more than 100 unique themes and some of them are free. Shopify also offers access to a large application store. These apps are designed to ease your business operations and improve your functionality. It’s also good to know that Shopify can be integrated on popular social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.

Magento Community

There is more than one great thing about Magento Community. For example, there are thousands of users that are improving the code all the time. They are also building extensions that are good for the functionality of this eCommerce solution. Don’t forget that using Magento Community can be difficult for those who don’t have any coding skills and experience. You will probably have to hire a web designer and developer for this purpose. Additionally, you can’t expect to get dedicated customer service. But, the good thing is that this is a completely free solution and an open source platform.


Volusion is probably one of the best options for businesses that need a all-in-one solution for their eCommerce activities. Volusion is equipped with a wide array of features that can help you with the sales, search engine optimization and marketing. For instance, you can find built=in customer reviews, integration for shopping engines and more. It’s good to know that Volusion asks for web development work, but we are talking about basic web development. We should also add that Volusion is offering more than a hundred templates and all of them are mobile-friendly. Some of the templates are available for free.

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